Rome, Italy - L.D.S. Temple Open House

Visit the Rome Temple and grounds during the open house season. Once the exact dates are announced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Headquarters in Salt Lake we will be offering several tours, cruises and cruise-tours, taking you to see the Temple as well as touring Italy's most scenic and beautiful cities.  We are the dates to be in spring of 2018, but this all depends on what L.D.S. Church Headquarters decides.   As much as we would like to have and know the exact dates now, we simply cannot.  The L.D.S. Church will be making a big announcement when the open house in Rome will take place.  As soon as these dates are set we will be putting together our tours and cruises and have those ready immediately.

Over the last few years we have canceled and booked and then canceled and then rebooked hotels, buses, airfare, etc. So many times that it is impossible to know the exact dates of the Open House. One website says this date, another says a different date and so on.  Many church websites are stating EARLY SPRING of 2018, but please keep in mind that this is only a guesstimate, as there is still much work to be done.  One of our tour guides, Steve Judd was just there in February and said that while the exterior looked beautiful the Interior was far from started in many many areas of the temple.

It is important to remember that like any other L.D.S. Temple, that everything is of the finest workmanship and quality fitting of the Lord.  Therefore, once Temple dates have been announced, Brian Judd Tours will be able to release all the best tours, cruises, and cruise-tours possible to fit the timeframe and weather for touring.  We are set up and ready for whenever the Temple is completed and are excited to be sharing such an important milestone of the L.D.S. Church with you!

We have a simple sign up form and together with a 100% fully refundable deposit of $150.00 per person you can reserve a space on our waitlist for the Rome Temple tours and cruises.  Right now the demand is very very high and we will have our very best tour guides along with many L.D.S. Church Scholars who will be there to educate you on the history of that area and the meaning of the Temple in Rome.   Just to give you an idea, if everyone on the tour and cruise waitlist officially signed up we would be sold out completley and then some!  Now we understand that is very difficult to plan for something when you don't know when it will be!!  It's for this reason that we have made the initial $150.00 per person deposit fully refundable.  When the dates are announced many folks will not be able to travel simply due to the time frame, others because of kids activities and so on. For this reason we are still accepting reservations for the L.D.S. Rome Temple open house!  Get your sign up in today!

Once the Temple Open House dates have been officially announced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we will then send out all the tour and cruise information to the folks who have sent in a dpeosit first. With a large number of Latter Day Saints planning on attending, these tours and cruises will not last long and your fully refudnable $150.00 deposit gaurantees you first chance at one of the many fully escorted tours and cruises that Brian Judd Torus will offer.  






Temple Tour # 1 - Rome -  The Eternal City

8 day tour including: Temple Open House plus Pompeii, Naples and the famous sights of Rome including the Coliseum, Pantheon and the Catacombs. 
           Approx.  $1995.00  +  Airfare

Temple Tour # 2 -  The "Best of Italy"

13 day tour including:  Temple Open House, pluss full tour of Italy including Pisa, Assisi, Tuscany, Florence, Rome and more!   
           Approx.  $2599.00  +  Airfare


Cruise Tour # 1 -  Mediterrannean/Holy Lands Cruise

15 day cruise tour including: Temple Open House plus a fabulous Mediterranean Cruise experience taking you to Italy, Greece, Israel, Istanbul and Ephesus!   
            Approx. $2695.00  +  Airfare


Cruise Tour # 2 -  The Greek Isles Cruise Tour

11 day cruise tour including: Temple Open House plus an incredible Greek Isles cruise taking you to Italy, Greece and Turkey!  You won't want to miss out!   
             Approx.  $1995.00  +  Airfare

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