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Featured Tours

Rome LDS Temple Tour

September 15th & 24th, 2021

Christmas in Branson

November - December 2021!

Rose Parade

Dec. 30, 2021 - Jan. 4, 2022

Rhythm & Blues

April 15-22, 2022

New York Broadway

April 25-30, 2022

Wonders of Peru

May 14-29, 2022

Featured Cruises

Australia/New Zealand + Fiji

January 12 - 30, 2022!    NEW

Alaska Inside Passage

2022 coming soon!

Alaska Voyage of the Glaciers

2022 coming soon!


 2022 coming soon!

Canada / New England

2022 coming soon!

Holy Lands Cruise Tour

2022 coming soon!

Why Travel with Brian Judd Tours?

2020 is our
43rd Year in Business!

We have 43 years experience escorting tours and cruises across the U.S.A. and around the world. A Tour/Cruise Escort who knows the history, is able to educate you on the sights and special places of interest, has been to the destination many times, knows the area very well, knows what to see and do and can take care of all the little details while you are traveling, is key to a carefree vacation. In the travel industry today, EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING! 

The travel industry has changed and travelling with a company that has 43 years experience is hard to find. We take pride that with 43 years experience we are the Mountain West leader in providing quality, service & the very best to Tour & Cruise packages to our clients.

Best value for your money

We make sure that the airfare, taxes and all fees are included in the trip price, right up front! That's how you get your best total package deal! You get your best vacation value when the round-trip airfare from Salt Lake, all the airline taxes and fees, government fees, port taxes, booking fees, transfers and the tour or cruise itself, are included in the price right up front! That's why BRIAN JUDD TOURS cruise & tour packages are always the BEST VALUE for your money!

With so many Agencies that offer a "low starting price" you may think you got a deal, but when you add it all up they are much more expensive and most times offer less than expected.  That is why for 43 years Brian Judd Tours has included as much as possible right up front so that you know what you are paying for, get more included, get better quality and service and most importantly get the Best Value!

Personally escorted

 Every Tour and Cruise package we offer are ALL personally escorted by highly experienced, very knowledgable, fun and friendly Tour and Cruise Escorts.  No matter where you travel, rest assured that our Tour and Cruise Escorts are there working for you to make sure your trip, is one of a kind and a TRIP-OF-A-LIFETIME!

Our Tour/Cruise guides are  the very best! Their personal knowledge of the sites included, their history of the areas you'll visit, their expertise in guiding groups all over the world and their personal care for each tour member is what sets us apart from the rest!  Travelling with Brian Judd Tours means that rather than just being "booked" on a trip you are personally looked after, educated on the places you visit, taken care of throughout and given the best advice and recommendations while traveling!