Treasures of South America
Including:  Rio De Janeiro, The Amazon, Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires!

* February 29 - March 15, 2024!
# 1-Rated itinerary

Waitlist only, please call for details!

South America is full of incredible places to see and visit! We have designed our itinerary to give you the very best of Rio de Janeiro, Manaus, the Amazon, Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires!  We know you will love South America and come home with many wonderful memories and new friends!

When visiting Brazil and Argentina it is important to get
the full experience
rather than bits and pieces.

 When comparing South America programs between Travel Agencies, we strongly encourage you to look at their final price and not the advertised price!    Find out what's included, what size of group do they take, what sights are paid for, do they have optional sightseeing tours to important sights that are not included while on tour, how many meals are included, what type of accommodations are included, do they include the Amazon, do they include visits of Iguazu Falls from both the Brazilian and Argentinean sides, do they have English speaking local tour guides and educators, what type of motor coach transportation is used and is it fully escorted from Salt Lake City.

All of these components are absolutely necessary to fully enjoy your South American Experience.  

* Brian Judd Tours offers a special group package for a limited group size of 38 only! 

* We include all sights, with no "extra" sights for more money.
 We include ALL admissions and visit all important sights. No optional excursions!

* We have a total of 29 meals included in our program. 
Most tours will only offer breakfast and maybe a dinner or two.  Meals are very expensive in Brazil and Argentina and range between $25-$30 per person, per meal.  We have also hand selected only the very best restaurants for you to eat at. 
* Iguazu Falls and the Amazon are all included right from the start! 
 They are not "add-ons" as they are amazing places and should be visited! By including Iguazu Falls and The Amazon right from the start, you get "group discounts" and pay a discounted rate.  While our tour price may seem more expensive than others, it is because we have included much more right from the start, to give you the BEST VALUE available anywhere!

* All of our hotels and lodges are the very best!
We do not cut corners when it comes to our accomodations! For example, you'll spend three-nights right on beautiful Copacabana beach at the 5-Star Hilton Hotel.

* We spend more time at sights than any other Travel Agency. 
A well planned itinerary taking you to all the important sights and giving you the time needed to fully enjoy, learn and experience all the sights is critical!  We don't just take you for a quick picture, we take you to experience and enjoy!

* We spend three nights in the Amazon! 
The Amazon is one of the most special places on Earth. Rather than just a quick day visit, we spend 4-days/3-nights to fully experience all that the Amazon has to offer. You'll visit the phenomenon of the "Meeting of the Waters", take evening boat rides in search of nocturnal creatures such as the small alligator, visit Monkey Forest, fish for Piranha and much more!

When you compare our Complete Land Package with others, you will readily see that our Complete Land Package Price is a BETTER VALUE right from the start.  Others may start low, but by the time you add in and add on all the features that are already included in our package they are actually much more expensive than Brian Judd Tours.  

Plus we limit our group to a total size of 38 people, which means we only have one bus and you never feel like you are part of a crowd!   Join us for the trip-of-a-lifetime!!

At Brian Judd Tours we give you more for your money right from the very start!  We offer "Better Quality, Better Value and Better Service!"  Experience the World with us!


Complete land package price:

* $3985.00 per person, double occupancy. 

Single room + $1245.00

* Price reflects a pay by check/cash discount.  Credit cards + 3.85%

NOTE: Airfare is not included in the Land Package price, details below

Complete Land package price INCLUDES:

* Three-nights, Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Beach Hotel

Copacabana Beach is one of the world's most beauitful beaches! Not only do we include incredible sightseeing in Rio, but you also get to enjoy the white sands of this incredible beach from your 5-Star hotel!

* Four days/Three-nights Amazon Package:

Enjoy a fantastic experience right on the Amazon River! 

* Special Meal Package - 29 Total Meals! 
(Over $965.00 per person value included, just on meals!)

  Note on meals: Most meals in Brazil and Argentina cost on average $25-$30 per person.
  Our Included meal package is an incredible bonus!

We are the only tour company who offers this incredible value in your package! You will appreciate all the included meals vs. constantly paying $20-$30 per person for each meal.   No need to worry about where to eat, or finding a good place, we have found them for you!

* All sightseeing included!
We do not offer optional tours or optional visits that end up costing you a lot of money. We include all the main highlights and special points of interest right from the start, the way it should be!

* Deluxe Hotel package: We only stay at the best hotels!

      * Three-nights in Rio on Copacabana beach - 5-Star Hotel
      * One-night in Manaus - Deluxe Hotel 
      * Three-nights in the Amazon - Deluxe Lodge
      * Three-nights in Iguazu  - 5-Star Luxury Hotel
      * Three-nights in the Buenos Aires - 5-Star Hotel

* Local Educators throughout!
You will travel in Brazil and Argentina with the best tour guides. Their knowledge and experience is second to none! You will also be traveling with Brian Judd Tour's South America expert, Steve Judd.  Truly the best of the best!!

* Iguazu Falls experience Included!
This is another highlight of the tour as we spend one full day visiting Iguazu Falls from the Brazilian side and one full day visiting from the Argentinean side.  Plus, we have an included excursion taking a JetBoat ride into the falls, an experience you will not forget!  

* Deluxe motor coach transportation
Travel throughout Brazil and Argentina in style with a fully equipped deluxe motor coach. There are a lot of really poor quality coaches in South America, but we use only the best giving you extra leg room and space!  

* Limited to 38 passengers
We limit our group size to only 38 passengers. This allows a more personal experience as you get to know your local guides and passengers. You will appreciate the small group atmosphere. When we say 38 passengers we mean it! We do not add extra buses or second departure dates. Traveling in a small group means less waiting, more time at sights and a more enjoyable vacation!

* Fully Escorted from Salt Lake City by Steve Judd
Let us take care of you and all the little details as you travel. Steve has been traveling to South America since he was 8 years old with his Father, Brian Judd. This is one of his favorite tours to take, as he loves the culture, the sights and the people!  With our Local Expert Educators and Steve, we are positive you will have an amazing experience! 

This truly is " THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME"!

Round-trip Salt Lake City Airfare package:

Note: airfare is not included in the price of the Land Package. Airfare will not be available for this tour until August 2023. However, we expect the group airfare from Salt Lake City, including all inter-South America flights, to be approximately *$2295.00 per person.  It is a mistake to wait until the airfare becomes available, because this tour will sell out!

      Air Package includes the following:                                 

                  * Flight from Salt Lake City to Dallas (or similar)
                  * Flight from Dallas to Rio de Janeiro
                  * Flight from Rio to Manaus
                  * Flight from Manaus to Iguazu 
                  * Flight from Iguazu to Buenos Aires
                  * Flight from Buenos Aires to Dallas (or similar)
                  * Flight from Dallas to Salt Lake City  

* Price reflects a pay by check/cash discount.  Credit cards + 3.85%

Airfare available from other cities, please call for details and pricing!



Rio de Janeiro, Christ the Redeemer Statue, Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon Beaches, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Corcovado Mountain, old Rio, the Metropolitan Cathedral, Manaus, the Amazon river and rainforest, Meeting of the Waters, Monkey Forest, Caboclo home, Iguazu Falls with full day visits from both Brazil and Argentina, Buenos Aires, Plaza de Mayo, the Metropolitan Cathedral, Recoleta Cemetery, Palermo, La Boca, Caminito, La Bamba de Areco, Tigre and Delta boat excursion, Estancia and much more!



 Escorted by
South America Expert Steve Judd

 Steve Judd has been traveling with his father, Brian Judd to South America since he was 8 years old.  He has a love for the people, the culture and of course the sights.  Steve has been taking tour to Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru for the last 15 years and has extensive knowledge about the areas you visit.  Not only does Steve take our tours South America tours, but he also visits South America throughout the year studying with Cultural experts, Local educators and more to learn and to gain even more experience.  Steve is fluent in Spanish which comes in very handy when traveling to parts of South America. 

When you travel with Steve you will be able to feel his love for South America, but you will also gain special insights through his years of experience.  Steve has teamed up with the very best local Brazilian and Argentinean guides who are there to make sure you are enjoying yourself, are very well taken care of and learning about what you are seeing and the peoples and cultures you'll visit.  Unlike most companies who take very large groups Steve puts a very strict group size of 38 passengers.  It is very important for Steve that when you travel to Brazil, the Amazon, Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires, that you get the very best experience and the very best service. 

At Brian Judd Tours or motto has always been "Better quality, Better value and Better service" and with a small group atmosphere you are able to get to know each traveling member in the group, but also get more time with Steve and our South American expert educators and guides.   Steve takes alot of pride in the itinerary which he has set up with the help of our local experts.  You will have enough time to truly visit the sights and not ever feel rushed, you will be able to have time to rest and relax, and truly enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime, Treasures of South America tour.

You will notice that our program is a longer itinerary than most and this is by design.  When traveling to Brazil and Argentina you should get and deserve to get the very best!   From the start Steve has included all the special sights, entrance fees and enough time to enjoy Rio de Janeiro, Manaus, The Amazon, Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires, so that you come home with a new love for this wonderful part of the world!  Steve's itinerary not only focuses on incredible history, beautiful sights, amazing views, incomparable nature, but it also focuses on many other aspects such as the Amazon, visiting Iguazu Falls from both Brazil and Argentina sides so that you get the complete visit, and so much more!  

Your local Brazilian and Argentinean experts and educators along with Steve Judd will make sure that this is a trip-of-a-lifetime for you!   Come and see why we truly offer the Best Value for your money right from the start with our complete land package.  You don't have to worry about add-ons or optional expenses, because we have included ALL the sights and entrance tickets right from the start.





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